Ramesh Dohan

Monsoon Dreams

On the shore our clothes

Begged us to be good boys again

New stars exploded

Upon the water

When you pulled me in

I sink into the depths

To witness you

As the lake saw you

Cut in half

By the surface, taut legs kicking

The rest of you sky

The only regret is that

I waited longer than a breath

To scatter your vision

With my body

Monsoon rainfall hits Kerala, Beutiful nature photography, Rainfall, Monsoon season.jpg
Image by Philipp Yukhananov

Dark Horse

During the season of sycamore

I run the dark winter

Coatless and a shirt of briar

Bare feet, crackling earth

Herding inside of me

In a four-legged night

Clouds sink into the trees

Refuse me morning

If you ever find me

I won’t be there

Image by José Ignacio García Zajaczkowski


The crime of moths

Is to take flight

When I shut my book


All they do is

Put miles between

Themselves and you

Leaving the flames

Craving an absence

Ramesh Dohan hails from the city of Toronto. He earned a BA from the University of British Columbia. His poetry often slips into quirky, tender, or profound observation on the everyday, reading and writing, and poetry itself. He has also seen his poetry published in several literary journals including South Ocean Review (2007), Osprey Journal (2008), Boston Literary Magazine (2011), Ascent Aspirations (2011), Bywords Journal (2012), Allegro Poetry Review (2015), Toronto Poetry Magazine (2020) & Bosphorous Review of Books (2021)

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