Our Commitment

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Promote Participation

We commit to promote outdoor participation by all.  

To anyone who has walked in quiet deference amidst the giant sequoia, escaped the city lights for the certified dark, strained their spirit along Appalachian Trail or their ears against a silent desert, you know. The natural world is worthy of protection, promotion, and participation by all. It needs both stewards and enthusiasts.

We know the natural world can enchant, inspire, and rejuvenate. But far too often, those wild places can also intimidate, elude, or even exclude marginalized groups. Wood Cat Review is working to close the nature gap by promoting a diversity of writers, poets, and artists who find inspiration in the outdoors. 

Amplify Diverse Voices

We commit to amplify a diversity of voices. 


Everyone has their own relationship with the natural world. Some are close to home, building a community garden or visiting a favorite park. Some are romantic, lured by stories of exploration and adventure. Some are empowering, yearning for the restorative qualities of self-discovery, challenge, and healing. Some are conflicted, marked by personal, cultural, or generational memories of exclusion, displacement, and trauma.

We are interested in the entire spectrum of outdoor relationship, and we are committed to amplifying that diversity of human experience however we can. 

We don't charge for open submissions and our contributors are paid.  

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Hiking through forest

Increase Representation

We commit to assemble a diverse team of editors & readers.

Wood Cat Review is a small literary journal, and we are new. But that offers a unique opportunity to define and orient the organization in a meaningful direction. By committing to the good road now, we can avoid the pitfalls of exclusionary editing with which many large literary magazines struggle to avoid. 

We want to ensure that submitted works are reviewed and curated with appropriate context and with a cultural understanding that comes from shared experience. We seek a diverse team of readers and editors who share our love for the natural world and our guiding principles.

Build A Community

We commit to engage with like-minded organizations. 


We are working toward lasting change by promoting participation, increasing representation, and by amplifying diverse voices.  However, we are one organization in a world of many. A number of groups have already done great work in closing the nature gap. You can check out some of their sites below.


If you are interested in learning more about the nature gap and what other groups are doing, you can check out the links below. Wood Cat Review does not imply any current affiliation or partnership with ay of these organizations. However, we are happy to engage with any like-minded people to further the cause. Don't be a stranger 

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