Christian Ward

The Judges of Wandle River

A drizzle of midges 

acts as judges

to decide what's more

important. The birch 

tree with a cleaved off 

shoulder or pink nettle 

flowers huddled against 

the earth. Bells of white 

bindweed flowers or fallen 

leaves drenched in autumn. 

A scimitar-necked heron

or a robin burnt from staring 

at a red fox’s sunset coat. 

The wedding dress of a white 

shopping bag suspended 

above the river or the rising, 

purifying tide. 

Small old arched bridge in Morden Hall Park Park, London UK.jpg

Christian Ward is a UK-based writer who can be recently found in Red Ogre Review, Discretionary Love, Stone Poetry Journal, Ginosko Literary Journal and Tipton Poetry Journal.

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