In early 2021, with little more than a laptop, a toolbox containing zero flathead screwdrivers, and a whimsical approach to financial security, I abandoned a successful career in favor of the open road. Over the next five months, I traveled the country from state to state, north to south, and east to west, revisiting familiar places, and exploring cities in areas I had never been.

I loved the drive, the road, the changing scenery, and the forward movement. I drove for the sake of driving, preferring local and state roads which lazily wind paths through some of the more interesting (often less interesting) areas of the country. I hiked and communed in the western national parks – those grand cathedrals to nature. And I spoke with people along the way. I heard new voices and stories from towns, parishes, pueblos, and backwaters.

While my trip is now finished, my love of back roads, vast forests, and new stories continues. So, I created Wood Cat Review to serve as a showcase for new and emerging writers whose work captures the spirit and experience of the wild.

About Us

Wood Cat Review is a showcase of new and emerging artists whose work captures the spirit and experience of life out of doors.

We are looking for travelers, writers, and poets whose lives and passions grow in the mountains, forests, and along the open road.  From Cascadia to Acadia, Voyageurs to Big Bend, and all the life in between, theirs are voices which speak to travel and adventure, triumph and disaster, challenge and hope. 


Let's hear them.   


Nathan Sinclair

Founding Editor

Barbara is a retired teacher, educational consultant and free-lance writer. She has worked at the Frost Place in Franconia, served as school outreach coordinator for NHPTV and volunteer reading and writing poetry with school-age children, adults, and nursing home residents.


Her poems have been published in a variety of anthologies: The Other Side of Sorrow, The 2008 and 2010 Poets’ Guide to New Hampshire, For Loving Precious Beast, Piscataqua Poems,The Widow’s Handbook, Sun and Sand, In Gilded Frame and other anthologies published by Kind of Hurricane Press, and most recently Covid Spring published by Hobblebush Press.They have also appeared in various journals including: The Northern New England Review, Avocet, Off the Coast, Silver Birch Press and in multiple issues of The Poetry Society of New Hampshire’s publication: The Poets’ Touchstone. She has two full-length books: Drive-Through Window, Other Voices/Other lives and a chapbook is entitled Running on Empty.

About - Barbara

Barbara Bald

Editorial Board


Ani Lacy

Editorial Board

I’m Ani, an artist and curator who primarily works with ceramics and photography. I grew up in the woods in rural southwestern Michigan and I’ve always had a place in my heart for the wilderness and for small country communities. I studied History and Philosophy as a university student and then took off to see the world. I’ve visited or lived in China, Barbados, Costa Rica, Spain, Morocco, Mexico, England and Wales. I also have a Master of Liberal Studies from Arizona State University and a Master of Fine Art from Bath Spa University. 


Right now I live in Southwest England and I work at a local museum as part of the curatorial team. My days are spent managing their collections and creating new exhibitions with my coworkers. My weekends are spent at my studio in Bristol, England where I experiment with industrial ceramic processes and the connection between art and migration/movement.


I’m excited to be a part of the Wood Cat Review team, bringing stories and art from the outdoors to people all over the world.

My name is Holly Sinclair, and I am a copywriter and former educator. My love of language has led me from an MFA program at Arizona State University to my current job at Atomicdust, a branding and marketing agency in St. Louis. I’ve been a poet, a high school English teacher, an adjunct professor, a freelancer, a digital marketer, an essayist, and a brand storyteller. 


Over the years, I’ve published poems in journals like The Nervous Breakdown and The Burnside Review. My creative nonfiction has been published in Gone Dogs, edited by Jim Mitchem and Laurie Smithwick, and on a (sadly defunct) online zine called Maximum Middle Age.


As a creative who loves to read, write, and travel when I can, I’m thrilled to be part of Wood Cat Review. 


Holly Sinclair

Editorial Board

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